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                Company Profile
                Reputable Technological Strengths in the Industry

                FaceUnity was founded by global leading pioneers from the field of computer graphics. Our team members are from global top research institutes and technology companies such as Zhejiang University, Tsinghua University, Yale University, Microsoft, Google and Apple. They are highly specialized in fields of 3D graphics, computer vision and VR/AR technologies and have published nearly 100 papers in world-renowned ACM/IEEE journals and at top meetings such as ACM SIGGRAPH. Technologies and products developed by them have been used by almost 1000 companies both at home and abroad with more than 100 million times of daily usage averagely.

                With industry-leading full stack graphic technologies and "Zhejiang University – Face Unity Joint Laboratory for Intelligent Computer Graphics", we are expediting the process of promoting the wide application of intelligent graphic technologies in the field of XR, solving problems on XR content production and reshaping interactive experience for XR contents.

                We will provide you with the most professional services.

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